Finding the right place to stay is always a tricky process, especially if you're moving to a new city. And while there are plenty of options to find a place to stay in Japan, the sheer abundance of agencies, sites, forums, and other services can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

So to help you make the right choice, here's a little more info about what makes ZensHome stand out from the crowd.

Live Availability

Most real-estate sites are not updated live. In other words, when you enquire about an apartment, there's no guarantee that the place will be available at your required dates. You have to wait for a salesperson to reply to your message, sometimes countering with a different home altogether, and the whole process can drag on for days.

Selecting a date Selecting a date while searching.

To avoid this issue, ZensHome is always kept current with real-time, up-to-date availability data. We sync all data via our own ZensApp platform to make sure every listing on our site displays an accurate availability calendar.

Availability calendar A listing's availability calendar.

This also means that when you search for specific dates, unavailable listings will automatically be taken out of the search results, saving you time and streamlining the whole booking process.

It's not secret that in busy, sprawling cities like Tokyo, commuting can sometimes be a nightmare. At the same time, staying right next to your place of work is not always possible.

Filtering by train line Filtering by train line.

ZensHome solves this by letting you search listings by proximity to specific subway or train lines. Just pick the line your office or university is on, and you'll be guaranteed an easy, transfer-free commute! For example, here's a search for listings on Tokyo's Yamanote line.

Listings on the Yamanote line Listings on the Yamanote line.

Virtual Tours

Even the most experienced of us can find it hard to properly judge the size and layout of an apartment based on photos alone. After all, a good photographer can make event the tiniest studio look like a sprawling penthouse!

So to help you get a feel for what a place really is like, we've been adding virtual 3D tours to our listings. They each include a detailed floor plan that makes it easy to know exactly where you're standing. It may not quite be like being there, but it's certainly the next best thing. Try it below!

Easy Booking & Payment

Because our availabilty calendars are always kept up to date, the booking process is actually vastly simplified: just pick a place, fill out the required personal information, and once your booking is approved just review the contract and make your payment. Every takes place online and you can pay by credit card.

A sample booking timeline A sample booking timeline.

And if you're planning on staying with us longer than a month, we'll show you a detailed timeline of when you'll be charged each month and for how much.

24/7 Multilingual Support

Before launching our own platform, our core activity was providing support for hosts and guests on other platforms such as AirBnB.

The ZensHome support staff The ZensHome support staff.

This means that unless a traditional real-estate service, we already have a large, well-trained support staff that has a lot of experience helping travelers and visitors with all the various issues that might arise when you land in a new country.

It's hard to overstate how helpful it can be to have someone you can ask for help or advice in your own native langiage when in an unfamiliar situation, instead of having to fend for yourself.

Give ZensHome a Try

I didn't even mention our very competitive pricing, or the fact that all our listings feature modern, redesigned interiors, because after all those are just the basics. But hopefully, all the other features we offer on top of that will convince you to check out ZensHome!