Hiroo has long been one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Tokyo. Home to a number of foreign embassies, Hiroo is among the safest and most internationally-minded places to live. Perfect for someone looking for a little bit of their homeland, Hiroo has many small restaurants and shops catering to its international clientele.


Hiroo has been an international area since the Meiji Restoration, but in fact its history as an elite locale goes back even further. During the Edo period of old Japan, it was the choice location for many noble and samurai families. This meant lots of lavish, open gardens and spaces – and when the nobles and imperial families began to downsize, the embassies came to open their locations in the now empty areas.


Hiroo station itself is only serviced by the Hibiya Line, but its location in central downtown Tokyo means many bigger lines and stations are close at hand: the Oedo line through both Azabu-Juban and Roppongi station, and the JR Lines (Saikyo/Yamanote) through Ebisu station, also very close by.


Onogi is a favorite of the foodie crowd – named for its head chef, Shigeki Onogi, its one of the more modern and chic restaurants in the area. Like many chefs nowadays, Onogi works from an ingredient-first perspective, focusing on bringing out the natural flavors of delicious, (though not necessarily expensive) ingredients. This goes down from the dishes to the much-talked about decorative tree-root chandelier hanging from the ceiling. This is not exactly recommended for children or the newly Japanese-cuisine initiated, but is a wonderful place to impress the food-lover in your life.

Hiroo has been known for its increase in more fashionable street eats as well, hailing from all corners of the globe. Most of these shops are senmontens, or a single-product restaurant popular in Japan, where everything worth doing is worth elevating. They also concentrate mostly on western-style food.

Europeans will revel in Belgian-founded And the Friets's variety of everyone’s favorite potato, from shoestrings to thick chips, and East Coast Americans will jump for joy to see a Luke’s Lobster this side of the Pacific.

For lovely Japanese home cooking at more home-friendly prices, Tsubaki Shokudo is well-loved among Japanese residents. Specializing in unfussy Japanese favorites like himono (salted dried cooked fish) and fried oysters, stop by for their under-1000¥ great lunch deals, a rare sight in upscale Hiroo.


While Hiroo itself is not a party town, you’re only a quick walk from party-oriented Roppongi, making it perfect for those who love to be close to the action, but still want a quiet place to come home to.

If you’re looking for a more quiet, Japanese atmosphere for your date night or happy hour tipple, stop by Gem by Moto. Written up in Conde Nast as one of Japan’s best bars, the counter-only spot serves interesting small plates along with a curated sake collection, featuring boutique bottles from around the country.

BOND Hiroo is another great choice, this time for cocktails and other liquor based drinks. Clocking in at a much more reasonable price, this is a local foreigner favorite with an easy, casual atmostphere.


For people wanting to start a yoga practice, Yoga Tree is a unique foreigner-friendly yoga studio well-loved around the neighborhood for its lack of membership fees– you pay by class as you take them, no matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert. Yoga Tree even offers teacher training for those looking to start a new career.

If training and conditioning is more your style, Ebisu’s R-body-project is a personalized training program offered throughout several locations in central Tokyo. They specialize in a mix between medical rehabilitation movements and conditioning exercises to help you reach optimal health.

Konami Sports Club Ebisu is also a great choice for swimmers, as it has a large naturally-lit pool perfect for speed and distance training, as well as one of the only dedicated squash facilities in downtown Tokyo.

Coworking Spaces

Need a quick office? Not to worry, COWK Hiroo has you covered, with beautiful office spaces at affordable prices. In close-by Roppongi, Tokyo Chapter is combining beautifully-tailored spaces as part of a greater community building initiative. They also offer serviced apartments, rooftop event spaces, and meeting rooms, and have been featured often for their ‘digital-nomad friendly’ atmosphere.

Wherever you live in Hiroo, you know you’ll have a wonderful experience– and why not try one of ZensHome's beautiful properties? Come to Hiroo and surround yourself with lush greenery, a multicultural atmosphere, and the beautiful surroundings fitting a nobleman or an ambassador. In this neighborhood that has it all, ZensHome can keep you from getting lost in the maze of options and find a place that works for you! Call us anytime– your beautiful property in Hiroo is waiting.